The VERS brand has been present on the Bulgarian formwork market for sixteen years, known mainly for two things: complete construction and engineering solutions and for its aluminum formwork systems, in particular. We are able to offer complex formwork options for the construction of complex construction facilities – large road links, hydro facilities, tunnels, bridges, silo complexes, high-rise buildings, etc. At the same time, we pay special attention to small construction companies in the country, offering a complex of budget solutions, which are a good starting option. We get the greatest satisfaction from the fact that as we grow, the companies that trusted us at the beginning of their development continue to choose us even when implementing significantly more complex and large-scale projects. We are especially pleased that we are able to establish ourselves in the highly competitive Bulgarian market. At the same time, we also pay attention to the foreign market, successfully realizing our production in Serbia, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey.

There are many hundreds of companies that have trusted us over the years, and thousands of sites and projects. Sometimes small objects are a matter of pride when you have proposed an atypical, but significantly more professional and economically justified solution than the mass-imposed ones on our market, and the client has appreciated the approach. But the most noticeable (and iconic) are, of course, the large, outstanding national objects. These are: road junction "Belokopitovo" on AM "Hemus"; "Paradise Center" - Sofia; Grand Mall Varna, etc.