“Vers” aluminium formwork is our company pride.


The shuttering system is the result of our many years of experience and our work with several Russian companies.

Comparing them to the Western analyses, we decided to make it more compact, stronger yet more simpler and durable. As a result of our two-year efforts, projects and tests, we received a system that combines the strength of a steel formwork system for a crane with the lightness and ease of an operation with shuttering for manual work.


For clarity, the heaviest element weighs 49 kg, and the “weight/m2” indicator is 23 kg/m2 – an excellent indicator for a system withstanding a concrete mix load of 60 kN. At the same time, this lightness does not come at the expense of the elements’ durability. This is achieved to some extent with the use of a special aluminum alloy, of course, but it is also the result of competent calculations and design. The height of the  shuttering panel is 275 cm. The maximum section of the columns: 60×60 cm. (step 5 cm.) We are in the process of negotiating the purchase of the system with construction companies from Slovenia and Norway, as well as with a formwork rental company from Estonia.

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