The VERS IMPORT company has over 16 years of experience in offering aluminum formwork systems in Bulgaria.


It all started in 2007, when we started selling the “heavy” aluminum systems (80 kN load capacity of the concrete mix) of  the Russian corporation “Agrisovgaz”. Over time, this formwork system has proven to be extremely convenient, flexible, strong and, last but not least, “foolproof”, taking into account the “harsh” working conditions and attitude of the staff at the sites in Bulgaria. This system was used to build many landmarks for the country – “Paradise Center”, “Hyatt Regency Sofia” hotel, the Unicredit Bank building in Sofia, “Grand Mall” in Varna, the “Belokopitovo” road junction by AM “Hemus” and countless residential buildings around the country.


With the beginning of the new growth in construction in 2015, as well as with the entry of the mass so-called “yellow” three-layer wooden sheets, the need for a formwork that combines the advantages of frame formwork with the lightness and convenience of “yellow” wooden sheets and plywood emerged. This led to the need to create a universal formwork system, the design of which took almost two years. As a result of all efforts, we currently have a universal lightweight and strong formwork system, which has been actively used in residential (both small buildings and twelve-story blocks) and industrial (halls and silos) construction for more than a year and a half In the whole country.



Importantly, we always keep over 650 m2 of canvas of all sizes in stock, as well as over 2,500 m2 of accessories, enabling us to respond to the needs of new and existing customers so that the items you need are on site within 24 hours. If necessary, we offer production of non-standard canvas sizes (for overlays and/or complex geometric shapes).


In addition to the offered system, we are one of the few companies in the country that offers complete construction and engineering solutions for any industrial sites (bridges, tunnels, silos, etc.), and the prices are significantly lower than the western counterparts offered on the market.

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