We are able to offer complex formwork options for the construction of complex construction facilities – large road connections, hydro facilities, tunnels, bridges, silo complexes, high-rise buildings, etc.


We offer the full range of formwork for all projects and needs, supporting in stock – H20 beams, birch plywood, three-layer sheets, telescopic support poles, steel and aluminum frame formwork for walls and columns, supporting scaffolds, accessories and much, much more.


Regarding the aluminum frame formwork, we always have over 650 m2 of canvas of all sizes, as well as accessories for over 2’500 m2, with which we are able to respond to the needs of new and existing customers, so that the items you need are on site within 24 hours.


If necessary, we offer production of non-standard canvas sizes (for overlays and/or complex geometric shapes).


In addition to the offered system, we are one of the few companies in the country that offers complete construction and engineering solutions for any industrial sites (bridges, tunnels, silos, etc.), and the prices are significantly lower than the western counterparts offered on the market.

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